Standard & Reducing High Pressure Elbows are available in any size and degree with optional radius

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30° Gored Elbow

High pressure elbows 30 degree gored

45° Gored Elbow

High pressure elbows 45 degree gored

60° Gored Elbow

High pressure elbows 60 degree gored

90° Gored Elbow

Standard and reducing high pressure elbows

Dimensions shown are standard. Longer radius or more gore sections are available. For other than standard, consult factory.

Special Application Elbows for sharp turns, changing diameters & improved air flow

90° Mitered Elbow 2-Piece

special application high pressure elbows


Reducing Elbow

Reducing high pressure elbows


Die-Formed Elbow


Die-Formed Elbow

High pressure elbows die formed

Die-Formed Elbows allow for smoother air flow

Die-formed elbows from 20 gauge are available in both 90° and 45°. Ten standard diameters from 3” to 12” are available. 14” are available on special order.